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The podcast about the end of the world.

Ep 13 - Corbyn Party!!!

June 13, 2017

A red dawn rises over the United Kingdom as Liam, Nur and Heval celebrate the glorious moral victory of UK's Jeremy Corbyn, before sobering up and realizing the country will probably be run by conservative terrorists. Then Toronto's far-right gets a free pass from our local cops, who shut down an anti-islamophobia rally while seemingly guarding a monthly fascists demonstration. But they can't shut down the working class, which is why the Parkdale rent strike is scaring the shit out of the city's landlords!

We also talk about Ramadan, WWII, Sophie Labelle, and our upcoming documentary series!

*pre-emptive retraction* Liam says some things about the Democratic Unionist Party that turn out to not be entirely true. He realized this right after recording. They are heavily affiliated with ongoing paramilitary groups but the leaders were not themselves paramilitary members.

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